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Changzhou XinTongLi Chemical
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     Changzhou XinTongLi Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a limited company founded in 2004 under the approval of the Changzhou Industry and Commerce Administration Bureau.
     We are mainly specialized in the distribution and import/export agency business of products such as fine chemicals, pesticide intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates, fragrance intermediates, electronic chemicals, daily chemicals and construction chemicals. We also provide technical consultancy and technical services for the above products to our customers. We are fully qualified for production, business operation, transportation of hazardous chemicals and import and export trade operations. Among the variety of the products that we sell, more than twenty share a relatively large part of the market; those include o-cresol, m-cresol, m/p-cresol, o-toluidine, MEA, salicylaldehyde, paraformaldehyde and dedicated polymer materials. In the year 2009, the company established a fully owned production R&D base in Hubei, and achieved a total sales income of 900 million Yuan in the same year.
     We have a strong production and marketing team for our production and sales sectors, and long stable international partnerships with some of the world’s best-known enterprises in countries such as the U.S.A., Japan, Germany, Canada, Russia and South Africa. We are their exclusive sales and purchasing agent for the sales of some of their products in the Chinese market. We have stable sales channels in countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, North Korea and Nigeria. On the export side, we have always maintained a close partnership with the larger domestic suppliers. In sales, we have always chosen end-users as our buyers, six of our products have more than 50% share of the markets, amongst those, o-cresol and o-toluidine have market shares of more than 70%. An effective marketing system and a strictly legitimate operating principle ensure the long-term survival of our company. We have earned trust of our customers and maintained a good image by always being fair and honest and making sure that our policies are always mutually beneficial for both us and our customers.  We train our staff to be enterprising and responsible, and encourage them to strive to be an example to others. The company’s mode of operation and direction of development will be proven by time to meet the requirements of the economic and social developments of the future. We will make full use of our company’s years of experience, while constructing a new business development model, gradually establish a complete marketing network system, and constantly seek to expand our business activities to a larger and larger scale, at the same time aiming to continue providing the professional services that all our customers expect from us. To achieve this goal, we will make our best efforts as we always do.
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